Our Qualifications

The following engagement examples are samples of the depth and experience of MainStay Consulting Group. Additional qualifications can be provided upon request.

Service Provider Market Entry Decisioning

Engaged by a global money center bank’s investment services outsourcing division to develop a market analysis and competitive analysis of the opportunity for entry as an outsource service provider to the Managed Accounts marketplace. The project included definition of the service functionality required for both the asset managers and program sponsors participating in the segment.

Service Provider Service Offering Development

Engaged by a large independent service provider organization to identify the service features of a full-service outsource service provider offering to asset managers participating in the Managed Accounts marketplace. This project included identification of the product and servicing needs of the asset managers, identifying and comparing technologies capable of automating the various asset manager activities and reporting, designing an operational environment that would complement and support the processing and technology solution, and assisting the service provider in presenting the solution to prospective outsourcing clients.

Software Development Company Market Entry

Assisted a software development company in developing a comprehensive end-to-end technology that could automate participation in the Managed Account, MDP and UMA marketplace from the sales reps in the sponsors, through to the portfolio managers and trading desks at the asset manager. The project included the identification of existing technologies of components of the overall process that could be acquired and integrated into the solution. Components included account opening, trading, reconciliation, portfolio accounting, rebalancing, database, workflows and messaging, reporting, connectivity with sponsor and manager systems, performance calculation and reporting, and account monitoring tools.

Evaluation of SMA Platform Technology for Asset Management Firm

Assisted a large, multi-manager asset management firm in evaluation SMA platform technology to determine whether the technology would provide the data required for the asset manager’s compliance and reporting programs.

Independent Broker/Dealer Sponsor Program

Assisted one of the largest independent broker/dealers in developing a highly flexible UMA program for delivery to registered reps. This assistance included educating the project team on the components of a full UMA offering, detailing the manager due diligence and overlay portfolio management procedures, defining the integration of the existing brokerage technology with the UMA capable Managed Account system, and defining the rollout plan for product enhancements.

Outsource Service Provider Technology Selection

Assisted a New York money center global banking business with laying out the functional requirements of a service platform to offer outsourced SMA, MDP, and UMA capabilities to Managed Account industry participants. The project included the definition of the various components of services required, as well as the identification, comparison and evaluation of existing technologies supporting the various components. It also included identifying, interviewing and presenting industry knowledgeable management personnel to possible hire to manage the component groups.

Trading Platform Selection and Implementation

Assisted a registered investment advisor with the selection, implementation and integration of leading technologies to meet the challenges of their exponential asset growth. The project included an assessment of existing technologies that could be customized to meet their unique portfolio management mandate and workflow requirements. The scope of this project included the implementation and integration of trade order management, customer relationship management, client suitability, and pre-/post-trade compliance systems with existing research and accounting platforms. In addition to integrating these technologies into their business, we assisted with training of personnel and the development of new business continuity planning methodologies. As a result of this initiative, the firm has successfully assumed the management of additional sub-advised assets resulting in a 26% increase in assets under management with zero additions to staff.

Internal Controls Development and Service Provider Oversight

Assisted a major financial institution entering the mutual fund marketplace with the development and implementation of an internal control and service provider oversight framework. The project included the identification and documentation of key controls, remediation of control gaps and an interim financial management role. In this role we managed outsourced accounting and administration operations, while training internal staff on internal controls, regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Compliance Projects for Investment Management Firms

Worked with a large number of investment managers in designing, evaluating and implementing compliance programs that would permit compliance with Rule 38a-1 of the Investment Company Act and Rule 206(4)-7 of the Investment Advisers Act. Our assistance ranged from producing compliance manuals, to implementing policies and procedures across the organization, to assisting chief compliance officers in the evaluation of adequacy and testing of effectiveness of implementation.

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