Compliance Program Development

Customized programs to fit your process and budget.

In the present business and regulatory environment, an effective compliance program is not a luxury -- it is imperative.

MainStay has helped many firms from the one-person practice to publicly traded companies develop manageable and effective compliance programs. We offer comprehensive and affordable compliance programs and regulatory services that are tailored to your unique business model and service offerings.

MainStay's experienced professionals can guide you through the process of developing an effective compliance program that won't break your budget. The components of a typical compliance program often include:

  • Compliance Supervisory Manual reflecting your firms business, control, and investment practices.
  • Disclosure documents reflecting your business practices, including registration/Form ADV, client agreements, and investment policy statements.
  • A risk assessment that maps your policies to relevant securities laws and prioritizes risk areas.
  • Monitoring and due diligence tools to facilitate ongoing compliance.
  • Development of an effective Business Continuity Plan or virtual office plan.
  • Developing a compliant and cost-effective program for maintaining Books and Records
  • A process for review of Advertising materials.
  • Chief Compliance Officer and firm training.

How important is the quality of your compliance program? The SEC has been actively issuing deficiencies and/or sanctions to advisors that have incomplete or inaccurate policies and procedures manuals. Utilizing a generic manual that includes policies that are not consistent with your ADV and/or business practices will put your firm at risk. Further, it is the responsibility of Chief Compliance Officer to assess the completeness and effectiveness of the compliance manual as part of the annual Rule 206(4)-7 Report.

With extensive business and regulatory experience, our professionals can get you on the road to compliance in no time. For more information on our Compliance Program development and to learn more about our qualifications, please Contact Us.