Due Diligence Services

Choosing the right money managers and service providers. Leverage our expertise.

The increasing popularity of multi-manager, fund of funds and unified managed accounts has resulted in regulated firms becoming increasingly dependent not only on the performance and investment process, but also on the integrity of the compliance and control infrastructures of the firms they recommend.

MainStay Consulting can assist your firm with all aspect of the due diligence process, from the design of a risk management program, to the development of self-monitoring tools, to professional review services. MainStay will provide your firm with the best solution to meet your due diligence objectives and your budget.

Money Manager Due Diligence

MainStay can assist you in selecting the right money managers to help you achieve your clients' goals. Investment process and performance are important factors, but what about risk management, internal controls and compliance? MainStay can deliver a comprehensive and cost-effective analysis of your target managers to enable you to focus on serving your clients and growing your business.

Service Provider Due Diligence

Our experienced professionals can assist you with a comprehensive review of your selected or target service providers. With decades of experience in evaluating, selecting and monitoring service provider performance, risk management and compliance, we can help you every step of the way.

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